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The Cactus Valley Boarding School S. Joy

The Cactus Valley Boarding School

S. Joy

Published July 5th 2011
ISBN : 9781462026890
92 pages
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 About the Book 

Kathlyn Farrel had never been away from home without her parents for more than a weekend, much less out of the country. So you can imagine her shock when her parents announce that they have decided to send her to boarding school in Dallas for a year. Her parents were both hard working people and hardly ever home, and with her brother in college, they had thought it best to send her to public school. The only good thing is, all three of her best friends are going, too. Once there, it doesnt take long to get into tons of trouble. Being accused of theft, and having a frustrating and impossible crush on the main handyman, who doesnt seem to be much of a handyman, doesnt make life any easier. Follow Kathlyn as she proves to everyone that shes innocent. Once more, she learns to trust, and she learns that not everyone is out to get her, as she was starting to believe. And she once again learns to be her own joyful self again.