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100 Man Mattress Corey Colombin

100 Man Mattress

Corey Colombin

Published January 17th 2013
ISBN : 9781612251820
286 pages
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 About the Book 

Six years ago, Sara began her new life-graduating college, landing her dream job, and moving into her own apartment. Shocked at the price of her first major purchase, a mattress, she recalls thinking it should last 100 men, at least! Which prompts the question, how many have there been ... exactly? The answer lies in a trunk full of journals. With the help of her best friend, Monica, and several bottles of wine, Sara delves headlong into researching the exact number. Seth, a sexy and soulful artist, harbors a secret love for Sara, but if the insufferable Portia has her way, shell keep him for herself. A crisis brings everyone together, creating strange bedfellows, stranger research, and even appearances by Saras father, who doesnt let being dead stand in the way of offering timely advice. With colorful characters, misadventures, and a quirky collection of her past and current lovers, Saras journey of discovery is at once everything, and nothing at all like what she expected. Lovers, lovers everywhere, but can she unlock the secret to true love?