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The Warrior Lives Joel Rosenberg

The Warrior Lives

Joel Rosenberg

Mass Market Paperback
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 About the Book 

Theres something to be said for a quick and easy book. Some positive things, in fact. Its entertaining and light without ever becoming a burden on your time. I read this one on a train trip from Maryland to New York (or almost to New York) and enjoyed it quite a lot.The Warrior Lives is largely the story of Jason, son of a renowned hero, who is dealing with a terrible loss that happened in a previous book. Its put a lot of things on his shoulders - a legacy, an expectation, a concern. He has to fill his fathers shoes, but he also needs to address that death himself and face his own hurt and worry.Its sort of hard to describe the plot because theres not much of one. Hes trying to deal with his new responsibilities when rumors start circulating that against all odds, maybe his father is still alive and kicking. So he and a group of people of varying loyalty join him on a journey to find the truth. And the rest of the story is just moving from place to place, asking after rumors, having small adventures, and moving on to the next place. Its not bad, its just not terribly complex, which I think suited it.The characters were interesting even if they occasionally strayed into the one-dimensional territory. This is a fifth book in a series, which might be part of the problem there. But that fact doesnt negatively impact the story. It was about the best way a later book in a series could be - clearly stuff for ongoing readers but clear enough for newcomers. Enjoyable.