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2013-14 State of the Future Jerome C. Glenn

2013-14 State of the Future

Jerome C. Glenn

Published 2014
256 pages
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 About the Book 

The 2013-14 State of the Future is the most compelling overview of humanitys situation, potentials for the future, and what we should do today - in clear, precise, and readable text with unparalleled breadth and depth.The most influential annual report on what we know about the future of humanity.--- Paul Werbos, National Science FoundationOne of the premier guides to global future trends for asset managers.--- Hazel Henderson, President, Ethical MarketsThe SOF report continues, year after year, to be the best introduction—by far—to a broad range of major global issues and long-term remedies.--- Michael Marien, Global Foresight BooksBrilliant! Never ending source of invention and creativity.--- Riel Miller, Foresight Director, UNESCOGlobal intelligence on the future of the world in the palm of your hand.--- KurzweilAI NewsEveryone, and I mean EVERYONE, should read this incredible document, period!--- Technological Forecasting & Social Change