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Sanctuary S Holmes


S Holmes

Kindle Edition
68 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

She is power. She is magic. She is something beyond man, angel, or demon...but the man she loves is about to die and theres nothing she can do about it. Or is there?When Nathan confronts his past he places his future in danger. The evil is growing stronger in the town of Redemption and without Nathans presence there all hell is about to break loose.Eva is desperate to find him before its too late but before she can, her world gets rocked and everything she knew gets turned around.There can only be one Restorer but shed be damned if it was her.~~~Excerpt:Eva paced across her living room floor, her hands clenching at her sides. Irritation swelled up inside of her and if she didn’t do something fast, she was going to end up doing something she would later regret. The last time that happened, she’d almost killed a man. She swore that would never happen again.But if Nathan didn’t show up soon, she couldn’t be held responsible. She bit her lip at the thought and tasted blood on her tongue. For the first time since she’d first contacted Nathan just over two years ago, he was off the grid. She couldn’t sense him. Feel him or even hear him.It scared her and she didn’t do well with being scared.